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The process

Progress is more formally recorded on two occasions during the year. The School has its own internal 6-monthly Progress Reports, which are completed in January/February of each year, and Research and Innovation Services collate Annual Progress Reports in July/August of each year.

Students are required to formally update the School on their progress every year via a short form/report. The form will be emailed to all students who have been registered with the University for more than 3 months, in January/February of each year.

A student-led assessment

Completion of the 6-monthly report is a student-led process. Forms are completed and then forwarded to the student’s supervisory team for comments and counter-signature. Prompt completion of the form is mandatory.


The 6-monthly progress report confirms whether you and your supervisor feel that your progress is excellent, satisfactory or unsatisfactory. It is expected that a large majority of students will be confirmed as making satisfactory progress.

All 6-monthly progress reports are reviewed by the PGR Programme Working Group. Students who are deemed not to be making satisfactory progress (this may be either logged on the form, or be the outcome of the review of the form by the Working Group) will be contacted by the PGR Director, to discuss an action plan to get back on track. If a period of review is assessed as unsatisfactory for a second time, the case will normally be reviewed under Student Progress Regulations, and RIS may be informed.

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