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General information

You are strongly encouraged to submit your thesis within your normal period of registration (3 years for a full-time student), and are expected to submit before your time limit expires (4 years for a full-time student).

However. if you are in a position where you are not going to be able to submit your thesis within your time limit, and where there are no possible grounds for a Leave of Absence, then you may be able to apply to extend your time limit. This option should be discussed, in the first instance, with your supervisory team, several months before your time limit, so that all options can be explored.

How to apply

If you do decide to apply for an extension, then you should complete the Application for a time limit extension, available here, with full details of the length of time needed, and the justification for this. A detailed outline of the work carried out to date, as well as a plan of the work that remains to be done, should be included. Additionally, your supervisor(s) will need to provide a supporting statement on the application form. Other conditions, such as enhanced monitoring, more rigidly scheduled or more frequest supervision meetings, may also be included in the extension application.

Once the form is completed, it should be passed to the Research and Resources Administrator, Matt Jones, for School consideration. If the School does not support the request for an extension, then you are still able to submit your application Research and Innovation Services for approval.

You should be aware that there is no guarantee that an extension will be granted, particularly if the case for extension is not supported by the School.

Further information

Unless an extension is granted, your candidature will automatically lapse if the thesis is not submitted before the time limit is reached. This will result in loss of access to computing and library facilities.

You should be made aware that a continuation fee will apply for any period of extension. If you are in the UK studying on a student visa, you will also have to consider extending your visa, and should contact SSiD.

Requests should be supported by copies of departmental progress reports and action plans for the completion of the thesis.


The Application for a Time Limit Extension can be found here.

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