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University Careers Service

The University has an excellent Careers Service, located at 388 Glossop Road, with a library containing a large collection of reference information, books and reports. The University Careers Advisor assigned to the Information School is Kevin Mahoney. Comprehensive information about the Careers Services and its services is available at

Information School Careers Information

The School’s Careers Liaison Officer (currently Jo Bates) provides a contact for Information School with the University Careers Service and is also able to give careers/jobs advice to students who require it. Other academic members of staff are also able to provide careers advice and guidance to students.

Careers/Job Information for the Library & Information Sector

Comprehensive information related to careers in library and information work and to information and statistics related to our own graduate employment rates and job destinations is available on the School’s website at These pages are regularly updated and students are also encouraged to provide feedback and information for these pages to the School’s Careers Liaison Officer.

Referees for Job Applications

Students who wish to nominate members of staff as referees on job applications should, in the first instance, approach their primary supervisor, who will generally be the most appropriate person. You should always consult staff before naming them as referees, to ensure that they are willing to provide a reference and to check their availability at the time when they are likely to be contacted.

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