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General Information

If you are unable to study for an extended period of time (typically more than 30 days, although shorter periods may be considered), then you may be able to apply for a Leave of Absence.

Leaves of Absence (LoA) may be applied for on personal, academic, financial or medical grounds, and should ideally be applied for as soon as the circumstances arise that would require one. If approved, an LoA will roll back your deadline date by its duration (i.e. a 4 month LoA will roll back your deadline date by 4 months).

Applying for a Leave of Absence

If you need to apply for an LoA, you should in the first instance discuss this with your supervisory team. If for any reason this is not possible, then you are advised to contact the PGR Tutor or the Research and Resources Administrator to discuss your situation.

You should then complete the Application for a Leave of Absence form, available here. Once you have completed this form, it should be passed to your supervisor(s), who will need to provide a supporting statement and their signature. Once it has been signed by your supervisor, it should be passed to the Research and Resources Administrator, Matt Jones, for processing. All applications require Faculty approval, and it should be noted that completion of the form does not mean that your application has been approved.

Additional information

As noted above, students should apply for LoA as soon as the circumstances that require one arise. Retrospective applications for LoA from students will not be approved by the University, if the start date is backdated by more than 30 days. Please note that the start date will be backdated to the date when International Student Support are first made aware of the case, not the date that the form is first completed.

Overseas students should note that the University is required to report all overseas students who are on extended periods of Leave of Absence to the Home Office who will expect them to return to their home country for the duration of the Leave of Absence.

A student seeking leave of absence on medical grounds must submit a medical certificate with the application. On return to the University, a medical note confirming that the student is able to resume his/her studies should also be submitted to RIS. It is not University policy to approve continued lengthy periods of leave of absence. Six months is the normal maximum, although 12 months may be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Information for overseas students with a CAS

In addition to the above guidance, international students who are studying in the UK subject to immigration regulations (e.g. those on a Tier 4 student visa) should note that they must be fully registered and attending in order to meet the requirements of their student visa. International students considering applying for a leave of absence must first use the leave of absence self-help tool which will provide information on the immigration implications of their request, including whether or not it will require reporting to the UKVI. Any outstanding queries should be addressed to International Student Support & Guidance. Please note that applications for retrospective leave of absences cannot be approved.

Further information can be found here.

Application Form

The Leave of Absence application form can be downloaded here

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