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As well as your supervisory team, you have a personal tutor, who is available to offer support and guidance.

You will either have been introduced to them as part of your induction, or (if this was not done) at least informed of who your personal tutor is.

They will invite you to a meeting once a semester. You can also ask for extra meetings if you feel you need them.

What kinds of things could be discussed in the meetings?

  • The general progress of your project
  • How to get the most out of the relationship with your supervisors
  • Adjusting to the British way of life, if you are new to the UK
  • Adjusting to the demands of academic work in the UK, including academic skills, such as doing literature reviews and writing
  • Your ability to manage your time and the pressures of work
  • Your contribution to the research culture of the school
  • Your training needs
  • Your career after your PhD

Your tutor can help you directly and also help you find support from the appropriate University services.

You can also discuss:

  • Personal issues around your health, well-being, family or finances that you feel may affect your work

In addition to your personal tutor, if there are issues you do not feel comfortable talking about with a male personal tutor, you may also contact Skye Xin Zhao,

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