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Most of the research conducted at the Information School requires research ethics approval. The pages listed below will help you to find out more about the procedures and processes.


Do I need to get ethics approval?

The University's approach to research ethics requires that all research involving human participants, personal data, or human tissue should be reviewed, and research ethics approved obtained, before data gathering commences.

When you begin your studies with the School, your research proposal will be reviewed by the Research Ethics Coordinator to assess whether or not ethics approval is required. You, and your supervisors, will be informed of the outcome. If there are any substantive changes to your proposal that may affect whether or not research ethics is required, you must email immediately. Further information can be found here


  • To apply for ethics approval, you need to submit an application through the online ethics portal.
  • You will also need to upload Information/Consent forms with your application. These can be downloaded here.

Application and Review Processes

Data Storage

At present, it is not mandatory to store your research data or other confidential data onto University storage. However, it is considered good practice to do so, and the School's ICT Manager advises students to store data on University storage, in case of hardware failure, viruses, ransomeware attacks, etc.

Please take this advice into account when completing your ethics applications and clarify whether or not you are storing your data on University storage so in your applications.

The following text in section E.2 of your application, if you are storing your data on University storage: "Data will be kept encrypted in one secure cloud storage, managed by university, as well as on my own password-protected computer for [specify period]".

You are also advised to review the School's policy on Research Data Management.

Further Information


If you have any queries about Research Ethics, please email the Research Ethics inbox in the first instance.

Compulsory module for new PhD students

All research students who began their studies in August 2011 or later are required to undertake the mandatory Research Ethics and Integrity Module (FCS6100). Details can be found here.

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