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The Information School has a Research Staff/Student Committee on which research staff and research student representatives from each of the research groups are represented.

Other members of this committee include the Research Degree Support Team and the PGR Director. It normally meets quarterly and provides a forum for research staff and students to raise matters of interest and concern relating to academic, welfare and any other research-related issues. This committee reports to the School’s Research Committee.

Research students who would like to raise an issue should contact their research group’s representative (see below) in the first instance.


Terms of Reference

  1. To facilitate communication between staff, research staff and research students within the School.
  2. To consider possible improvements and problems which affect the general research environment within the School.
  3. To discuss fully, within a flexible and beneficial atmosphere suitable to both staff and students, the possible implications of matters brought to the attention of the Committee, reporting back to all affected parties the recommendations of the Committee.
  4. To liaise with, and make recommendations to, the School’s Research Committee, and report back to all affected parties.
  5. To escalate issues to, and report matters arising from, Faculty PGR Forum as required.

Membership of Committee

  • Postgraduate Research Director(Chair)
  • Deputy Director of Research
  • Research Manager
  • Research Officer (secretary to committee)
  • One student representative from each research group
  • School PGR Student Representative
  • Two research staff representatives

Membership in 2016-17

  • Dr Andrew Cox: Graduate Research Tutor, Head of Digital Societies Research Group and Chair of Committee.
  • Paul Reilly: Deputy Director of Research
  • Daniel Rose: Research Manager
  • Matt Jones: Research Officer and secretary to the committee.
  • Simon Wakeling: Research Staff Vacant: Research staff
  • Matthew Seddon: Research student, Chemoinformatics
  • Nicolas Kylilis: Research student, Digital Societies
  • Shuyang Li: Research student, Innovation, Knowledge and Information Management
  • Wasim Ahmed: Research student, Health Informatics
  • Sophie Rutter: Research student, Information Retrieval
  • Vacant: Research student, Information Systems
  • Jess Elmore: Research student, Libraries and Information Society

Role of Representatives

It is the responsibility of representatives to alert their fellow students in good time of any forthcoming Research Staff/Student Committee meetings that they will be attending, so that students may forward any items for the agenda to their student representative.
The student representative should forward all agenda items they have collected to the Research Officer, in advance of the meeting.
Representatives should be prepared to discuss in more detail, at the meeting, any agenda items that they have been asked to raise.

Membership of the Committee

If you are interested in joining the Research Staff/Student Committee, please email Matt Jones for more details.

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