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The Information School is located in Regent Court on Portobello. Members of academic staff have rooms situated on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Regent Court. Offices for research staff and full-time research students are also located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Regent Court. Full details of all Information School staff members’ offices, email addresses and telephone numbers can be found [1].

Facilities and desk spaces

New research students are provided with a new laptop on arrival and lockable storage for their personal use in one of the research laboratories, where they can store books, papers, equipment and other personal possessions. Some students may be allocated personal desktop machines for technical reasons (for example, because of their need for specialist data processing which requires a more powerful computer to run).

Whilst the School endeavours to ensure that students are provided with all the necessary resources to complete their PhD, demands on office and laboratory space are tight, and the School reserves the right to ask students who have reached the writing-up stage to move from a permanent workstation to hot desking, if this is necessary to accommodate incoming students. All students are expected to vacate their desks when they have submitted their thesis. There are a number of bookable work spaces at the Research Centre in the Dainton Buliding which PGR students have the option to use and students are encouraged to consider these facilities.

Facilities for making tea and coffee, and a microwave are in the kitchens on the 2nd and 3rd Floors of Regent Court.

Bookable meeting/seminar rooms

Currently the School has two rooms available which research students who wish to use them for the purposes of preparation for presentations, meetings with supervisors, carrying out interviews as part of their research, etc. can book in advance with the Research Support Team, as long as there are no other lectures, tutorials, seminars, meetings or other sessions scheduled in these rooms:

  • The Professor Wilf Saunders Meetings Room (Room 231 – second floor)
  • Lecture Room (Room 204 - second floor)
  • Two small interview rooms (second floor, in the iSpace)

The School also has a teaching computing laboratory, the Professor Tom Wilson Teaching Laboratory (Room 205)), situated on the 2nd Floor of Regent Court. This is predominantly for use by the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught programme students and for scheduled practical classes for taught modules.


The iSpace, a social/common space is available for use by staff, and students on the 2nd floor. The iSpace also has two small, bookable interview/meetings rooms.

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