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The School operates a file store for the storage of research data relating to student research projects. It is recommended that you use the store for all research data relating to your dissertation.

  • The file store is backed up regularly and is more secure than storage on local devices such as PCs, laptops, or external portable storage.
  • The store is for the use of research data only. It is not for the storage of other documents relating to your research, such as journal papers, chapters or theses; nor personal documents. Use your personal U: drive or other storage for these files.
  • School reserves the right to check to ensure compliance with the above.
  • Space available is 10 Gigabytes per user.
  • User spaces are private and cannot be accessed by other users of the filestore, except the ICT staff operating the facility. Your supervisor may request to see the data at any time.
  • All users should note the University guidelines on research data management (RDM). There is also further guidance here
  • Once the research project is finished, users can request that the data be retained for a period of up to three months, to allow time for transfer to another location. The file store is not for long term preservation of data.

How do you get access?

Separate instructions are provided here on how to access the facility and map your user area as a drive on your computer. Once this is set up, you can drag and drop files or save directly to your space.


How to access your 10GB storage

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