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SAM requirements

In line with UKVI requirements, the Information School monitors the attendance of all PGR students in order to assess student engagement with the programme of study. Students who are deemed not to be engaged with their studies may be reported to RIS, who may in turn take formal action such as invoking the progress of student regulations or informing the UKVI if appropriate.

Monitoring engagement

We are required to report to the University on your engagement at three points during the year - January, May and September. During this period, if you have not provided sufficient supervision meeting records, in line with our guidelines, you will be contacted by the Research Officer to request clarification on the dates of your supervisions.

Your attendance and engagement with your programme of study may also be discussed with your supervisory team, and if it is agreed that you are currently not engaged with your studies, this will be reported to RIS.

Recording attendance

Records of your supervisory meetings, and of any unexpected absences, will be recorded on a central online database. Attendance at any other iSchool events or meetings may also be logged as part of your attendance monitoring. Students who have a series of unauthorised absences may be reported to Research and Innovation Services, who in turn may (if appropriate) refer the case to the UKVI. Equally, a series of unauthorised absences may also result in the progress of student regulations, or other enhanced monitoring processes being invoked.

Students and supervisors are reminded that all supervision record forms must be completed promptly and returned to the Research Officer to maintain the appropriate records.

Further information

Further details of the SAM Process, and our legislative responsibilities, can be found here.

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