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Regular supervision and meeting records are a requirement stipulated by Research and Innovation Services and may be required to be submitted alongside annual progress reports.


Frequency of meetings

The frequency of the regular supervision sessions will vary, but there should be a clear understanding between student and supervisor about the frequency of meetings, which should at a minimum fall in line with the requirements of Student Attendance Monitoring - approximately monthly meetings for full-time students, and certainly at least every 6 weeks.

The supervision record

The supervision record can be completed as an MS Word document, or by using the online supervisory record. These can be accessed here. No other forms should be used.
Supervision record forms are to be used to record all supervisory sessions for research students in the School. This includes informal supervision, although it does not necessarily need to include casual interactions, email or phone discussions of a non-substantive nature.

Purposes of the supervision record

The aims of the record are:

  • To provide students and supervisors with a clear record of the content of supervisory meetings, the objectives agreed, and supervisor/student views on progress, to assist progress towards completion of the research thesis.
  • To increase the transparency of supervision, and provide a documentary record of the student-supervisor meetings.

How to use the supervision record

At the start of each supervisory session, the student and supervisor(s) should use the supervision record form completed at the previous supervisory session/meeting to review what was discussed during that session and in particular to discuss progress in achieving the objectives that were set.
At the end of each supervisory session, the student and supervisor(s) should review what has been discussed and what objectives have been agreed for the next meeting.

Students are expected to complete the supervision record and forward it electronically to their supervisor within 3 working days of the meeting. Further, a copy should be kept by the student, and an additional copy forwarded the student to the Research Officer to place on the student’s file - again, within 3 working days of the meeting taking place. If changes need to be made to a report following review by the supervisor, the revised copy should be forwarded to the Research Officer.

Students and supervisors should decide between them the process of ensuring that up-to-date records are maintained. Failure to provide copies of all supervision record forms could lead to a delay in processing an Upgrade to PhD or Confirmation Review, or to a student being reported to RIS as not engaged with their studies.

Content of the supervision record

The record should be a factual account. It does not need to contain material that is confidential to the supervisory relationship (e.g., details of personal/pastoral matters). The important point is that the student and supervisor agree that it is an accurate record of what was discussed and agreed during the meeting.

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