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Frequency of meetings

Formal meetings between students and their supervisor(s) should take place at least every four-to-six weeks for full-time students (pro-rata for part-time students).

If you are based away from Sheffield, you are still expected to maintain this level of contact - meetings can be held by SKYPE or telephone and records of the meeting should be kept (see below).

If you are away from the university (e.g. on fieldwork) then you should make arrangements in advance with their supervisor team for maintaining an appropriate level and means of contact whilst you are away from Sheffield.

Record keeping

The supervision record form should be completed every time you have a supervision meeting, and a copy forwarded to the Research and Resources Administrator and your supervisor(s) within 3 working days of the meeting taking place. You are free to complete either the online supervision record form or the MS Word document.

If your supervisor is away from Sheffield

If your supervisor(s) is to be away from Sheffield for more than the length of time between two supervisory meetings (e.g. on study leave), then you should discuss alternative supervision arrangements with them before their departure. This may involve holding remote supervisions (e.g. by Skype) or meeting with your secondary supervisor.

If you are away from Sheffield

If you are based away from Sheffield (for example if you are undertaking data collection, or writing up away from Sheffield for a period), you must continue to have regular supervision meetings or other contact with your supervisor, and this must be records on the supervision record form. Meetings can be held by Skype or telephone.

Writing up and corrections

You should continue to have supervision meetings when you are writing up your thesis, or completing corrections. Meetings should be recorded in the same way.

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