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Students should be aware that there is an optimum efficiency to be achieved by pacing oneself between work and recreation: some students become so exclusively work oriented that they take little or no time off, and they and their work consequently suffer.

However, research students are expected to study across the whole academic year, and are not entitled to the long vacation periods they have become accustomed to as undergraduates. It is expected that research students will continue with supervisory meetings during university vacation periods, including the period from mid-June to late September, unless absence has been agreed with the supervisor.

In all cases, students must obtain written agreement from their supervisor before taking a holiday or break from their studies. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, the break should not normally exceed one month at a time.

It should be noted that research students sponsored by the UK Research Councils may, subject to the agreement of their supervisors, take reasonable holidays, not exceeding eight weeks in the year (including public holidays). Up to a maximum of four weeks holiday may be taken at the end of the period of award. These Research Council rules may be used as a guide by all full-time research students not subject to the rules of other sponsoring bodies.

Christmas and bank holiday closures

The University (and Regent Court) is closed on all bank holidays. However, students who have undertaken the appropriate Out of Hours training are able to access the building.

The only exception to this is the Christmas period. The University is closed from Christmas Eve until the New Year (dates vary from year-to-year, and students will be notified). During this period, it is not possible to access the Information School.

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